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Pelican Certified Core Dealer

HardiggDistributor.com has been recognized by Pelican Products, Inc., for its exceptional customer service, large inventory and case modification ability, and has been designated Certified Core Dealer for Pelican Products, Inc. HardiggDistributor.com inventories the entire line of Pelican™ products including Hardback™ cases, AL series cases, ISP series cases and Rack Mount cases. Pelican™ cases can be customized with Custom-Cut Foam Interiors from HardiggDistributor.com.



Hardigg Storm Cases at the best prices from HardiggDistributor.com!

Hardigg Storm cases are the ultimate in secure storage. Storm cases are designed to be airtight, waterproof, secure, and to essentially be indestructible. Storm cases are the finest in the industry and offer unsurpassed quality and workmanship. If you need secure storage, Storm cases will deliver a reliable product that exceeds your expectations every time you use it. In addition, you'll enjoy a lifetime warranty on every Storm case you ever own.
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