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Cases by Application

Pelican™ Storm Cases™ are used in a wide array of secure storage and transport applications. We've compiled a list of the most common industries and applications utilizing Storm Cases. Each industry page contains a list of the most popular cases used by professionals in that industry. Please keep in mind that any Storm Case can be transformed to fit your specific industry needs.
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When you’re dropped into a war zone, every second counts, and a moment’s hesitation can cost you. From the instant you hit the ground, your life is on the line—and the middle of a firefight is the last place you want to discover that your firearm or equipment was damaged in transit.
When you’re on the road, staying connected is critical. And for a fast-moving professional, your electronic equipment is your most important tool. Traveling exposes equipment such as computers, projectors, video cameras, and printers to a host of risks: from cracked casings and broken screens to damaged hard drives and lenses to lost data. Even with thorough backup, you can still face costly repair or replacement and weeks of lost productivity. And when you’re delivering a presentation or recording video halfway around the world, there’s no room for error. Travel is challenging enough; protecting your equipment shouldn't be. No matter where your adventure takes you, your gear is safe in a Storm.
Fire fighters. National Guard. Paramedics. Law Enforcement. As with any profession, you rely on specific tools to get the job done. And when you’re responding to a crisis, you don’t have time to worry about your gear; it has to be ready to go. Pelican™ Storm Cases™ are designed to safeguard even the most delicate equipment in any situation. Built with Pelican HPX® resin, Storm Cases are lightweight, watertight, virtually indestructible—and guaranteed for life. Inside, multi-layered foam ensures that all your gear stays put during transport. And unique Pelican Press & Pull latches open easily for quick access, yet stay closed under impact. Count on the security and protective power of Storm Cases to protect your sensitive equipment.
Whether you’re going to a family reunion across the country or on assignment halfway around the world, your gear has to be ready to go. Pack it in a Storm Case™, and it will be. Lightweight, waterproof, and virtually indestructible, Storm Cases are ideal for protecting delicate camera equipment and accessories from shock, impact, vibration, water, and dust. Multilayered foam can be shaped to your specific needs, or you can use optional padded dividers to keep sensitive gear stable, and secure. Available lid or utility organizers provide added flexibility, keeping smaller accessories like film, filters, and cleaning equipment safe. And Pelican™ Press & Pull latches allow you to get to your cameras quickly, yet hold fast under stress. To protect your gear, there’s no better place than a Storm Case.
Experienced divers know how unpredictable the ocean is, and they depend on their dive gear to help them manage risk and reduce the chance of injury. With all the planning that goes into a successful dive, you shouldn’t have to worry about your gear making it to the dive site intact. Storm Cases™ have one purpose: to protect sensitive equipment from anything.
When you need to ship valuable items through small package or LTL carriers, you need to know that your items are protected. Storm Cases™ give you peace of mind knowing that your items are protected inside a virtually indestructible container coupled with the fact that you can customize the foam to exactly fit your equipment. This gives you maximum flexibility to reuse the Storm Case as a durable shipping case with a lifetime warranty.
Travel can be stressful enough, without the added issue of having damaged items when you arrive at your destination. Storm Cases™ are designed to stand up to the bumps, bounces, and overall turbulence of travel by land, sea and air. Storm Cases give you enough options to find the right fit for your valuable items and equipment, and they last an entire lifetime. When you travel, make sure you've got a Storm Case to protect the items you value most.