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FAQs - Hardigg Distibutor

Q:  What are the cases made of?
A:  The cases are made out of a proprietary HPX
® plastic resin material that is lightweight, durable, and highly chemical resistant.

Q:  Are the cases water resistant?
 A:  Yes.  Permanently attached Vortex™ valve automatically adjusts air pressure without letting in water.

Q:  Can a customer purchase replacement wheels for their case?
A: Yes.  All Storm Cases
 use the same wheels regardless of the size of the case. We have replacement wheels in stock (Free) and up to two sets can ship via USPS Priority Mail.  Customer will be responsible for the shipping cost.  The customer can also send their case to the Pelican-Hardigg factory as wheel replacement falls under the lifetime warranty.

Q: What temperatures can the cases tolerate?
A: The cases will withstand temperatures from -10° F (-23.3° C) to 210° F (98.9° C).

Q: What is the size of the individual cubes in the Pick N Pluck foam?

A: The individual cubes are half an inch square, and the entire depth of the layer.

Q: Which cases use the Pick N Pluck foam as standard foam?
A: The iM2050 – iM3075 cases use the pre-scored, cubed Pick N Pluck foam as the standard foam set in the cases.

Q: Which cases use solid foam as the standard?
A: The iM3100 – iM3300 cases use a solid, non-cubed foam as the standard foam set in the cases.

Q: What is Pelican’s warranty return procedure?

A: Call 310-326-4700 or 800-473-5422 for a RMA # and then return the product to:  Pelican Products / ATTN: Warranty Dept / 23215 Early Avenue / Torrance, CA  90505.

Q: If the customer drills holes into or modifies the external body of the case, does that void the warranty?
A: Yes, it does void the warranty. Customer will do this at their own risk.